ZBT Der Sturm Series: German Fight Till the End(Chinese Edition)


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Battle of Hsupeng (history of People’s Liberation Army call it Huaihai Campaign), the time of battle started from November 6, 1948 to January 10, 1949,which lasted 66 days; the battlefield used Xuzhou as the center, started from Haichow (Lian Yun Gang) the east, Huai River the south,Shangqiu the west and Lin city (Xue Cheng) the north;80 million people in Xuzhou headquarter including 7 legions, 2 pacification zone, 34 army;16 columns&1 army of Liberation field army of the eastern China;7 columns of Central field army; and 60 million people of eastern,central military region of China;the people’s Liberation Army achieved victory of destroying one forward command headquarter,five Corps,22 Army totaling 5,550,000 enemies.
This war is of unprecedented scale ever no matter about the duration,the region, armed forces or victory of the war. KMT’s elite group was lost in this battle,the Liaoshen Campaign and Pingjin Campaign(known as the three major campaigns),the military forces of the KMT almost completely collapsed, resulted to the end of nationalist dominance in mainland China, so this battle is known as the one decided the fate of China. On this 60th anniversary of Battle of Hsupeng,our press engaged history experts of KMT-CPC war to comprehensively introduce this battle.

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