A Girlfriend’s Guide Through Infertility


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Infertility is a silent epidemic. Unless a person suffers with infertility, it is most likely not thought or heard about often. However, if you or your spouse is infertile, then it is something you think about every waking moment. It is a silent disease that can consume your life.

The silence is what makes infertility very isolating. Most women do not have anyone to turn to for support or else the pain runs too deep to share. The authors, Alicia and Gina, are two no-nonsense women who no longer want this to be a silent disease. They came together with one goal in mind; to write a book women can relate to on a very personal level to eliminate some of that isolation. The authors’ style of writing is a very down-to-earth, as the authors share some funny and not so funny experiences.

Alicia and Gina take you through their own infertility journeys, documenting every failure and triumph throughout the years they suffered. They discuss how to find the right doctor and how to identify and avoid road blocks that cause unnecessary challenges. They also share their raw emotions regarding relationships, nosey co-workers and financial strain related to infertility.

“A Girlfriend’s Guide Through Infertility” focuses on educating women and men on some potentially unfamiliar and surprising causes of infertility. Many couples are told they have unexplained infertility. Alicia and Gina wanted explanations. As they began researching and interviewing doctors and the more knowledgeable they became, they realized their book would provide valuable information to others.

Infertility rates will continue to rise and those facing an infertility diagnosis will look for ways to alleviate their isolation and pain. Infertility prevention will be valuable in the future as more women and men are diagnosed every year. Alicia and Gina are eager to share their stories and research with you, and they hope this book is a source of comfort, information and inspiration to every reader.

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