7.62x51mm Target Loads Using Military Brass


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Is it safe to reload military surplus 7.62×51 cases? If so, how do I do it? Get your answers to this and other questions in the book!

Using once fired military brass is one way for reloaders to reduce costs. While some people will debate the merits of reloading these cases, it is one aspect of the hobby that remains popular. In the US, there are several businesses that sell military small arms ammunition or recycled components like bullets and cases.

Table of Contents
Cartridge Specifications
Preparing Military Cases
Understanding Military Surplus Ammunition
Reloaded Ammunition
Empty Cases
Preparing Fired Military Surplus Cases
Swaging the Primer Pockets
Primer Pocket Uniformers
Case Trimmers
Chamfering the Case Mouth
Flash Hole Uniformers
Differences between Commercial and Military Brass
Important Notes about Military Surplus Rifles – Action Strength

Preface to the Load Data Section
Load Data: Target – Includes Range Notes for all weights
147 grain FMJ BT
Notes about the 147 Grain Load
Results with the 147 Grain Load
135 grain Berger Match (308135)
155 grain Hornady A-Max
155 grain Sierra Palma (2155)
168 grain Hornady A-Max
168 grain Sierra Match King HPBT
178 grain Hornady A-Max
175 grain Sierra Match King HPBT

Powder Burn Rates
Saskatchewan Dynamite

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