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About- "1 4 3" Love According to Musiq, is a book on love and relationships from the LOVE man himself, Musiq Soulchild. With a practical approach both serious and fun, the book brings to light the truth behind love and what it really means.

The book’s main premise is that true love is only possible when a person knows, accepts, and loves who they are. Before that happens, a true love relationship with another person is not possible. The book is broken up into three sections, the first is ACT I which focuses on loving one’s self, ACT II focuses on loving another, and lastly ACT III brings them both together. 143 offers a platform for individuals and those in love to develop a lasting and effective dialog for the betterment of individuals and relationships alike.

Table of Contents-



ACT I: LOVING ME – "The Act of loving yourself"

CHAPTER 1: LOVE – What it IS and is NOT

CHAPTER 2: COMMUNICATION – Words, Actions & Everything else

CHAPTER 3: INSECURITIES – Bringing Old Baggage to New Love

CHAPTER 4: REDEMPTION – Love You Once Shame on Me, Hurt Me Twice Shame on You

CHAPTER 5: 142 – Love Thy Self, Cause if you don’t….

ACT II: LOVING YOU – "The Act of loving another"

CHAPTER 6: SEX – The way SHE thinks it, & HE sees it

CHAPTER 7: MONEY – What it means to HIM & does for HER

CHAPTER 8: FRIENDS & FAMILY – When Outside Influences become Inside Distractions

CHAPTER 9: WHEN KIDS ‘R’ INVOLVED – The Reality, The Risks, & The Rules

ACT III: LOVING US – "The Act of loving one another"

CHAPTER 10: THE "TYPE"pt.1 – Wife Material

CHAPTER 11: THE "TYPE" pt.2 – Buddy Status – A Problem

CHAPTER 12: GOOD MAN – Finding Him, Loving Him, & Being Him

BONUS CHAPTER – Love Lessons

THE CONVERSATION: LOVE TALK – "Come join the conversation!"


INTRO: I know what you’re probably thinking; "Who gave Musiq the right to write a book on love?" or how about this; "Just because he’s written songs about love doesn’t mean that he can TELL ME about love". Well, let me respond by letting everyone know that this book, "143: Love According To Musiq", is simply one person’s take on love and what I hope "you" the reader could stand to gain from the information inside. In the end, my ultimate goal is to help two people, who are in love or on their way, build a stronger connection – and in order to do that I address three main steps to accomplishing this throughout the book…

CHAPTER 1 – LOVE: If I were to ask ten random people – "what do you think love is", I would probably get ten different answers. And by different I am not talking about the words used to describe love, but the entire perception of it altogether according to each person…

CHAPTER 2 – COMMUNICATION: …. Or in other words they’re getting "something" out of the relationship that they otherwise would not have. Whether that something is a place to crash, money to have, love to make – or sex to get, their motive is solely what they can get from you and once that need is replaced… guess what… "IIIIII’m sorry but your services are no longer needed, have a nice rest of your life!"…

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