101 Labs for the Cisco CCNA Exam


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Product Description

There is nothing like this product on the market. It will test every facet of your hands on skills and help you to blast your way through anything they can throw at you in the CCNA or CCENT hands on test in your exam.

Prepared by myself, a dual CCIE and another CCIE this book will give you the knowledge skills and confidence to excel in the exam, at work and at any hands on test for job interviews.

About the Book

101 Cisco CCNA and CCENT labs all graded so you can work your way up to the extra hard 10/10 labs. All marked as applicable for the CCENT or CCNA. Each lab sets out a challenge for you with a full topology for you to copy on your home lab. Part 2 of the book is the solutions where you follow the solution step-by-step so you understand what you are configuring and learn the objectives for the labs. After lab 94 are 7 super hard challenge labs which will test your knowledge of all the major exam themes including SDM, NAT, ACLs, DHCP, Inter-VLAN routing, subnetting, OSPF, STP and much more.

Here is just a taster of some of the labs:


Securing VTP Domains
Rapid Spanning Tree
Configuring Inter-VLAN Routing
Advanced Switch Security
and 15 more switching labs


Configuring PPP
Configuring Frame Relay (IETF and Cisco)
Frame Relay Multipoint
and 8 more WAN labs

IP Routing

Static Routing
RIPv2 Automatic Summarization
EIGRP Passive Interfaces
OSPF Over Frame Relay
and 20 more routing labs

Access Lists

Named and Numbered ACLs
Outbound Telnet ACLs
Debugging Traffic Using ACLs
and 7 Other access list labs


Static NAT
Dynamic NAT
Pool Based PAT


3 DHCP Labs

IP and IOS Features

Configuring Command Aliases
Logging to a Syslog Server
MOTD Banners
and 7 other IOS labs

Cisco SDM

Multi-area OSPF
DHCP Server
13 SDM labs in total

Challenge Labs

7 Devious Challenge Labs

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