1,001+ Italian Language Flash Cards: Fastest Way to Get Started in Italian [Revised Edition] (Learn to Speak…Series)


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New Revised 2013 Edition of Acclaimed Author and European Language Professor Alessandro Mancini 1,001+ Italian Language Flash Cards

An excellent way to get started in Italian! This book includes the 1,001 most useful Italian words together with their meaning and a real life guide to their pronunciation.

Studies have shown Flash Cards to be one of the most effective way of rapidly learning a new language as they allow you to learn at your own pace, either alone or with a friend and then easily test yourself to see what you have learned so far.

Categories include:

  • Activities & Entertainment:Attività e Intrattenimento
  • Animals:Animali
  • Business & Money:Affari
  • Directions & Measurements:Indicazioni e Misure
  • Education:Educazione
  • Fashion:Moda
  • Foods & Drinks:Alimenti e Bevande
  • Health:Salute
  • Holiday/Events:Vacanze/Eventi
  • Home & Home Items:Casa
  • Human Body:Corpo Umano
  • Language
  • Months & Days:Mesi e Giorni
  • Nature:Natura
  • People:Persone
  • Personality & Feelings:Personalità e Sentimento
  • Places:Luoghi
  • Politics & Government:Politica e Governo
  • Profession:Professione
  • Religion:Religione
  • Science & Technology:Scienza e Tecnologia
  • Time:Tempo
  • Tools & Things:Strumenti
  • Travel & Transportation:Viaggi e Trasporti
  • And Much, Much More!

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